About Department

Department of Electronics & Comm Engg

VISION - Electronics and Comm Engg department will strive to develop technically competent diploma engineers to meet the challenges and needs of the industry and society


M1: Cultivating effective and innovative learning by providing latest knowledge in collaboration with industries

M2: Inculcate social and ethical values

M3: Nurture interpersonal and social entrepreneural skills so as to develop leadership qualities in Electronics industry’s diverse culture

M4: To provide industry institute interaction through training, expert lectures and industrial visits


PEO 1:To develop competent technicians for maintenance, supervisory and quality control in electronics and communication industry

PEO 2: To develop professional and ethical attitude alongwith effective communication skill so as to use their engineering ability and technical skill to improve the quality of life in society

PEO 3: To provide students with latest technology and development in electronics and communication field to become successful entrepreneurs

PEO 4: To develop positive attitude towards lifelong learning and succeed in industry, higher education, research and entrepreneurship

This department offers three years diploma in Electronics and Comm. Engg. awarded by Haryana State Board of Technical Education, Panchkula. This department has following fully equipped laboratories with state of the art equipments:

  1. Electronics Devices and Circuits
  2. Power Electronics
  3. Digital Electronics
  4. Consumer Electronics
  5. Microprocessors
  6. Communication Lab
  7. Electronics Workshop
All laboratories are equipped with advanced equipments. Robotics Lab is equipped with SCORA ER-14 (with Robot vision). Electronics Workshop has facilities sufficient to fabricate and assemble PCBs.