Sports Activities

Sports Activities

Our students have shown excellent results in the sports held at Inter Polytechnic level and Intra Polytechnic level. The trophy of overall championship in sports was won by our Institute in Inter Poly Fest -2008. The trophy of best Athlete was won by our student ( Karnail T.T-6th Semester). Our Volley Ball and Kabaddi Team won Gold Medal in 2008 at Inter Polytechnic level.

1. 800 M Race Karnail Singh, (T.T 6th Sem) 1st
2. 400 M Race Karnail Singh, (T.T 6th Sem) 1st
3. 200 M Race Karnail Singh, (T.T 6th Sem) 1st
4. High Jump (Girls) Surbhi (T.D 4th Sem) 3rd
5. Relay Race (200 x 4) Madan (Mech. 4th Sem)Karnail, (T.T 6thSem)Aslam (T.T Narwana 2nd Sem) 1st
6. Medley Race Madan (Mech. 4th Sem)Narender (T.T 2ndSem)Sunil (Computer Final Yr.) 2nd
7. Relay Race (100 x 4) Sunil (T.T 2nd Sem)MadanKarnail



8. Relay Race (400 x 4) AslamKarnailMadan



9. 500 m Race Vijay Partap (Computer 6th Sem) 2nd
10. Relay Race (200 x 4) Mamta (Mech. 4th Sem)Kavita (Mech. 2ndSem)Surbhi (T.D 4th Sem)

Urvashi (T.P. 2nd Sem)

Sonu (T.T 4th Sem)

11. Short Put Sunil (Computer Finay Yr.) 2nd
12. Poll Wart Sunil (Computer Finay Yr.) 2nd
13. Discuss throw- silver Sunil (T.T Narwana) 2nd

Best Athelete – Madan (Mech 6th Sem)

Sports schedule Sept-Oct 2013


The sports schedule for Govt./Govt. society mode and Aided Polytechnic for the academic session July-Dec,2013 has been approved by the Director General Technical Education, Haryana as per detail given below:

Events for Boys

Sr. No. Game Date Venue
1 Badminton 13-14 Sept, 2013 GP Adampur
2 Table Tennis 20-21 Sept, 2013 SJP Damla
3 Kabaddi 04-06 Oct,  2013 CR Polytechnic, Rohtak
4 Volley Ball 11-13 Oct, 2013 GP Sirsa
5 Cricket 24-28 Oct, 2013 VTI, Rohtak


Events for Girls

Sr. No. Game Date Venue
1 Table Tennis 13-14 Sept, 2013 GPW Ambala
2 Kabaddi 20-21 Sept, 2013 BPS Khanpur Kalan
3 Kho-Kho 04-05 Oct,  2013 GPW Sirsa
4 Basket Ball 14-15 Oct, 2013 GPW Faridabad


Sports schedule Feb-Mar 2014

It is for information to all students that game calendar for this semester is approved by DGTE, Haryana as per given below.
Inter Poly. Culture Festival will be held from 12th to 14th march 2014 at GPW Sirsa & GP Sirsa.
Inter Poly. Athletic meet will be held from 23rd to 26th march 2014 at VTI Rohtak.
Events for Boys
  1. Football 17-19 Feb,2014 at VTI Rohtak
  2. Basketball 22-23 Feb,2014 at GP Hisar
  3. Hockey 28th Feb- 1st Mar,2014 at CR Poly. Rohtak
  4. Handball 06-07 Mar,2014 at GP Narnaul
Events for Girls
  1. Badminton 16-17 Feb,2014 at GPW Ambala
  2. Volleyball 20-21 Feb,2014 at GPW Faridabad
  3. Handball 28th Feb-1st Mar,2014 at GPW Sirsa
All the interested students are directed to report to Officer In charge Sports Sh. Sandeep Olla for their trial in different events.